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The benefits of cannabis

  • Žiedai ar aliejus?

    Flowers or oil?

    In the world of cannabis, there is a lot of talk about the entourage effect . Its essence is that the terpenes in the flowers interact with cannabinoids and create a unique synergistic effect. Recent studies have confirmed that terpenes...

  • Kanapių žiedų kokybė

    Quality of cannabis flowers

    What is the white frost on the flowers of the plant? If you've ever held a cannabis flower in your hands, you've probably smelled the rich aroma. You've just crushed the trichomes, which means they arrived more or less safe...

  • Pilno spektro CBD

    Full spectrum CBD

    Even now, with the establishment of legal cannabis markets around the world, many people still choose a product based solely on the content of the main cannabinoids, THC or CBD. But hemp is a treasure trove of gems! Rarer cannabinoids,...