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About Lynx Cannabis


Lynx Cannabis has been growing organic and high-quality EU-certified hemp for over three years now. Our plants stand out for their impressively high CBD content, unusual for typical hemp, and a broad profile of other cannabinoids and terpenes. On our farm, all work is done by hands, each plant receives individual care and sometimes even a name. Lynx Cannabis is not just a farm, it is a progressive and bold company that aims to be the choice for everyone who wishes to use quality cannabis products. 



Lynx is a team of creative professionals who believe in the power of the super interesting and colourful cannabis plant. Our experience doesn’t come from nothing: four years spent on prestigious Californian cannabis farms allows for a modern perspective on the plant that has been broadly used in different cultures since ancient times. The team performs continuos research on cultivation technologies and the chemical composition of the cannabis, at the same time developing and refining plant care systems. Lynx Cannabis also collaborates with highly skilled design and advertising talents, as besides ensuring quality products, we want our buds to greet you with the most beautiful colours. 



The Lynx Cannabis farm is located on the northern edge of the Labanoras (eng. Goodwill) Forest, around 80km from the country’s capital Vilnius. Our fields are visited by roe deer, hares and one playful, good-hearted lynx, which has become the company’s symbol. Cannabis seems to really enjoy the fresh, clean air of the forest and the naturally fertilised land, and if you haven’t had the chance to visit the enchanting lakes of Goodwill forest, we’ll bring you a handful of it in our tin can.