Quality of cannabis flowers

What is the white frost on the cannabis flowers? If you've ever held a cannabis flower in your hands, you've probably smelled the rich aroma, which means they arrived more or less safe to you. But what are those trichomes?

As soon as the cannabis plants starts to flower, small mushroom-like glands begin to form on them. It is in them that the synthesis of cannabinoids and terpenes takes place.

Since bucked flowers are extremely easily damaged, we harvest with extreme care in order to preserve the trichomes. We know that mechanically damaged, overdried and high-temperature affected buds lose all their goodness, so we use special drying and curing techniques to preserve as much of the plants magic as possible.

But the main question is how do we keep the buds healthy before and after it reaches your hands? A very convenient solution is a tin can. Not only do they protect against sunlight and the environment, but crushing the flowers in them is also quite difficult. And after opening the airtight can, it can be closed later with a dedicated lid.

All procedures and proper packaging guarantee that our products reach you in the best conditions.